My approach to therapy is embodied, which means we will work together to explore ways to connect and integrate your physical body among other aspects of you and your experience into any healing work we do together.  My goal is to collaborate and meet you where you are at and support you and your process.
My healing approach integrates an embodied framework and somatic practices. This can look very different for different people in different contexts. I believe there is no one single or right way to engage in embodied healing work. We will collaborate as part of our work together to find ways to embody healing that meet you where you are at and support you and your process.
My theoretical orientation looks not only at individual experiences when helping people meet their goals and needs for therapy, but also the interpersonal, social, and political context that inform, recent, past, intergenerational, and current experiences.

strength-based + embodied + politicized


I believe in a strength-based, embodied, and politicized approach to therapy that integrates anti-racist and collective liberation centered sensibilities to psychology and counseling approaches.
I do not believe people are broken.
I do not believe there is anything wrong with you.
You may be struggling with things in your life, with feelings, with relationships, or have patterns or behaviors that you want to change. We can work on that together. Working on that means grounding therapy and healing in the world we live in. The world we currently live in here in the United States is unhealthy in myriad ways and the foundational systems (capitalism and white supremacy) are rooted in centuries of violence, abuse, and oppression which all impact our bodies, our relationships and our lives. These systems also inform who and how we are in the world individually, relationally and collectively.
I do not believe in a medical model or mechanistic approach to therapy. This often means letting go of trying to bend or shape ourselves to fit or adapt to unhealthy systems. This also means understanding that most of us are doing healing work while also that surviving the violence of capitalism and white supremacy, often alongside interpersonal or family traumas.
People and communities have always found connection and resilience, part of our work will be exploring the creativity, strength, tenacity and resourcing that already exists and then building and expanding from there.
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